Ecolyte Premium Oven Cleaner Liquid, Suitable for Ovens, Chimney hoods, Grills, OTG, Gas Stove, Exhaust Fan, Grease, Grime, Fats, Oils Remover – (5Litre)

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  • Removes Grease, Grime, Oil Residue, Stains from Oven, Grill, Gas Stoves, Griddles, Exhaust Fans, Fat Fryers and All Carbon, Oil and Grease Deposits areas.
  • Ecolyte Oven Cleaner removes grease, stains, and bacteria from your microwave. Its streak-free formula also cleans the outer surface for a spotless look.
  • Moreover, food residues inside a microwave oven leads to unpleasant odours and bacteria formation posing a grave danger to your family’s health.
  • Prevent rust and stains on grates with our cleaner, easily removes burnt-on, heavy food deposits from ovens, grills, and hoods. Protect your appliances.
  • Direction: Apply Ecolyte Premium Oven Cleaner to surface. Wait 10-15 min for foam to penetrate soil. Scrub with cloth or sponge, wipe clean with towel.

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ECOLYTE premium Oven Cleaner is a alkaline requires no heat and works with its special cleaning formula. tIt cleans ovens, racks, shelves, grills, barbeque, hot plates, glass, creamic and cook-wares.

Wear rubber gloves & eye protection at all time.
Use in cold ovens and surfaces. To avoid seepage and protective the floor, place paper towels or newspaper under oven and between the bottom of the door and oven.Shake well before use.
For ovens, close the door and leave the overnight, For microwave ovens, hot plates, glass creamic etc. clean after 2 hours.
Wipe the paper towels, damp cloth or scourer if required.

ecolyte premium oven cleaner

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