Ecolyte Premium Glass & Surface Cleaner with Streak Free Shine, Suitable for Windows, Bathroom Mirrors, Car Windshield, 24 Hrs Dust Repellency | UAE’s #1| Home Appliances & Commercial Use – 5 Litres

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  • ADD SHINE TO SURFACES: Ecolyte offers the best-in-class glass and household cleaner featuring super power of shine and gloss boosters. This cleaner can be used across glass and other shiny smooth surfaces like tabletops, oven, mirrors, light fixtures, glass windows, refrigerators, oven, kitchen cabinets, furniture, laptop screens, etc.
  • DOUBLE ACTION FORMULA: It is a very effective glass/household cleaner that provides pearly shine texture to objects. It is prepared with double action formula that helps inremoving the dirt and dust from glass, shiny or smooth surfaces by providing 2 times shinier effect in comparison to regular cleaners.
  • SAFE TO USE: Free from cruelty, petroleum and mercuric compounds this Ecolyte cleaner is completely harm-free to use. Great for overall cleaning as it removes dust, dirt and tough stains to enhance the shine of the products/appliances. Also, it eliminates grease and does not leave any oily residue.
  • ANTI-DUST & STREAK-FREE: This cleaner combats dust, soils, fingerprints, grime etc. in order to clean the object for long time. The solution is specially formulated for smooth, mirrored and glass surfaces. It gives film-free and streak-free surface just after a single clean up.
  • DIRECTIONS TO USE: Ecolyte Premium Glass cleaner is very easy to handle. Transfer to Trigger bottle and Spray a nice amount on glass, mirror or smooth, glossy surface and wipe with an absorbent cloth or tissue. In case if you are allergic to cleansers or sensitive then try to wear mask and hand gloves in order to avoid direct exposure.

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ECOLYTE  Premium Glass Cleaner is a blue liquid cleaner that quickly removes Grease, oil, dust, finger marks etc. from all glass and mirror surfaces.

DIRECTION: Fill a trigger spray bottle with Glass Cleaner. Spray a small area of the Glass surface

to be cleaned and polish with soft lint- free cloth until dry. To avoid over-spray, Glass Cleaner may be applied directly onto the cloth. The glass surface is then wiped clean until dry.

COMPONENTS: ECOLYTE Glass Cleaner is a blend of anionic surfactant, a monohydric

alcohol, a water-soluble dyestuff and ammonia.


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