Ecolyte+ Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier, 360 °Aroma Diffuser Ultra Quiet Cool Air Purifier for Dryness, Cold & Cough Large Capacity for Room, Yoga, Baby, Plants, Office, Bedroom Auto Timing (5.8L)

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  • Safely humidify the dry air in your home or workplace so that you can breathe moisturized air, enjoy more restful sleep, rejuvenate your skin, and relieve discomfort. You can easily control the amount of moisture in the room thanks to the 360° mist outlet’s ability to disperse the mist in any direction.
  • *Long-lasting Humidifier: With a 5L capacity, this top-filling ultrasonic cold mist smart humidifier can run continuously for 48 hours. You can sleep through the entire night without having to frequently refill your water bottle.
  • *It can sense the level of ambient humidity in the room and automatically stop misting once the room reaches pre-programmed level of humidity. When the ambient humidity falls below desired levels it starts again misting automatically.
  • Aromatherapy: This humidifier comes with an aroma box so you can add your favorite essential oils and therapeutic scents, emitting calming aromas along with healthy humidity. It’s like creating your own private spa in your house.
  • Real Time Humidity & Temperature Display: The LED display shows concurrent room temperature and humidity so that you should know ambiance around and can control it much more precisely and effortlessly.

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Ecolyte+ ultrasonic humidifiers apply ultrasonic technology through a high frequency oscillation transducer plate to convert water into a fine mist that spreads in the air to balance the moisture in dry conditions. It helps in preventing the air against dryness which causes irritation for many people. A humidifier can be particularly effective for treating dry skin, throat, nose, and lips as well as for warding off the common cold or flu. Digital ultrasonic humidifier with ionizer & filter features: capacity: 5.8 liters voltage: 220 240v installed ionizer for fresh air timer from 1 to 24 hours humidistat from 40rh% to 95rh% increment max. Evaporation: 300 30ml/h

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