Ecolyte+ Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier 5.8L

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Special features:  Humidistat, Ultrasonic

Colour: Standard Packing

Capacity 30 Milliliters

  • LED display.
  • Automatic humidity control by humidistat.
  • 24 hours timer Ionizer. Adjustable mist capacity Low noise level Energy efficient Auto off function Big water tank for long time operation.

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Ecolyte+ ultrasonic humidifiers apply ultrasonic technology through a high frequency oscillation transducer plate to convert water into a fine mist that spreads in the air to balance the moisture in dry conditions. It helps in preventing the air against dryness which causes irritation for many people. A humidifier can be particularly effective for treating dry skin, throat, nose, and lips as well as for warding off the common cold or flu. Digital ultrasonic humidifier with ionizer & filter features: capacity: 5.8 liters voltage: 220 240v installed ionizer for fresh air timer from 1 to 24 hours humidistat from 40rh% to 95rh% increment max. Evaporation: 300 30ml/h

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