Ecolyte+ Nano Sprayer Handheld Rechargeable Blue Light Atomization Gun 380 ml + Ecolyte Multi-Surface Disinfectant, Pack of 2 bottles of 500ml

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100% Comprehensively Disinfectant and purify the environment, cover a wider area, and take care of every corner of your house, premises or place. The Healthy way to diffuse powerful disinfectant to your surroundings and keep it free of Germs, allergens, molds & odors. we make dis-infection accessible and easy to all.

1. ECOLYTE Multi-Surface Disinfectant is 80x times higher and powerful than bleach and Kills 99.995% of the Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, mold, etc. in few seconds only, It’s non toxic, non alcoholic, non irritant, non hazardous, Suitable for all types of industries and home uses.

2. Comprehensively disinfect & purify the environment, cover a wider area, and take care of every corner of your house, premises or place.

3. Nano Sprayer with dual-speed control, free adjustment of high and low gears, simple and easy to use, convenient and quick to operate.

4. Hand-held convenient operation, rechargeable battery where wireless movement is convenient and unlimited.

5. Custom made high-pressure air pump and adjustable atomization nozzle to achieve nanometer atomization output.

6. Spraying distance can be up to 1.5 meters, and it can be sprayed directly on the surface, fabrics, home appliances and any other objects in your premises. Just avoid electrical hazards (don’t directly spray on electronic devices cables, sockets, extensions & more).

7. It’s ideal for Baby toys and accessories, baby feeding chairs, air conditioner window, counter top, toilet area, kitchen area and equipment, floors, dustbin, shower bases, doors, tap handles, automobile steering/gear, doorknobs, mobile, computers, and any other common indoor and outdoor touch points.

8. It can also replace indoor cool humidifiers, cool aromatherapy machines, foggers, cool liquid diffusers etc.

Package Includes:

1x ECOLYTE Disinfectant Nano Sprayer, 1 x Charging cable, 2 x 500ml ECOLYTE Multi Surface Disinfectant – 100% Natural, Safe & Powerful , 1 x Manual.

Why We Recommend ECOLYTE Nano Disinfectant Sprayer + ECOLYTE MULTI-SURFACE DISINFECTANT ?

With the recent search of contaminations, Its becomes mandatory for every one to disinfect houses, premises and surroundings area in order to tackle viruses, bacteria, and mold etc. Thanks to the technology, we today have many devices like foggers, Nano sprayers, humidifiers & more which make our life easier. However, The challenge is to be able to find a proper disinfecting & sanitizing liquid which will have no side effects on fabrics (curtains, carpets, sofa… etc.) and human skin. Unfortunately many still use foggers or sprayers with bleach liquid or alcohol or similar chemical product which are toxic, irritant, hazardous, not natural, not safe and leads to discoloration of cloth and skin blemish. instead our company ECOLYTE+ has specially developed ECOLYTE MULTI-SURFACE DISINFECTANT which is made from Pure Electrolyzed Water (HOCI) and which has no side effects on human skin, nor on pets (even aquatic life), nor on fabrics and nor on our environment. This give you the confident to protect your own life, also relatives and colleagues life without compromise or doubt.

Is there any risk of using ECOLYTE Multi-Surface on clothes, skin & surroundings?

We only offer the best quality products that are safe for anyone to use. All our disinfectants are 100% Natural, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmental friendly. Our product ECOLYTE Multi-Surface is safe for people, plants, pets and in all professional and domestic environments. Studies from (the World Health Organization, United States FDA and more) have demonstrated that continues use of Pure Electrolyzed Water (HOCI) steadily reduce the “bounce back” rate of contamination. This leads to a considerable reducing level of risk.

How Do I Use it?

ECOLYTE Disinfectant Nano Sprayer is a great device for disinfecting a whole house or workspace without the need to find power outlets. In fact, it can disinfect an entire room in less than 2 to 5 minutes. To operate it, users just need to add ECOLYTE MULTI-SURFACE DISINFECTANT in the refill bottle and spray all the high-touch surfaces, indoors or outdoors. Try it and you will enjoy




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