Ecolyte + Disinfectant Bundle

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Ecolyte + Disinfectant Bundle a powerful and versatile cleaners


Buy Three Safe Natural Disinfectant Bundle at the price of Two Disinfectant Spray Family Pack!

Meat and seafood Disinfectant One Step meat washer which kill germs and bacteria instantly and protect from many germs

Disinfectant Bundle Item 1

Fruits and Vegetables Safe disinfectant Food sanitizer increase the quality and durability of food. You can use it as vegetable washer and fruit washer on daily routine.

Disinfectant Bundle Item 2

Multi Surface Disinfectant Multi surface disinfectant spray remove germs and bacteria from all kind of surface and work as a surface sanitizer

Multi-surface disinfectant

Ecolyte + disinfectant has been clinically tested and approved! It’s non-alcoholic, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. There are no pesticides or harmful chemicals in the cleaner. Instead, it’s an all-natural way to disinfect most important parts of your kitchen and groceries.

Ecolyte +  is 100% Natural ingredients, Made with organic citrus, Safe removal of waxes, Odourless and tasteless, Removes pesticide residues, Removes surface contaminants and chemicals and dirt.

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