Ecolyte+ Nano Sprayer

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Delivers a fine mist with utmost precision


This Spray Handheld Rechargeable Blue Light Atomization Gun uses a dual-core processor, independent boost charging technology, powerful performance, and long-lasting stability to sterilize at room temperature and emit a very fine water mist with no residue.

The spraying distance can be up to 1.5 meters, and it can be sprayed directly on the surface of the human body, fabrics, home appliances, and other objects without the feeling of being wet, atomization output, custom-made high-pressure air pumps and siphon atomization nozzles above 5000 rpm.

The Sanitizer Spray Machine’s design increases the air pump’s power and produces a finer mist. The disinfectant is atomized and sprayed in uniform droplets when you press the atomizer, which creates strong air pressure. Additionally, it has an integrated UV light for deep cleaning.

In addition to daily environmental sanitation and disinfection, it can also replace indoor humidifiers, aromatherapy machines, water replenishers, watering devices, etc. Just avoid electrical hazards (don’t directly spray on electronic devices cables, sockets, extensions & more.)

  • It’s ideal for Baby toys and accessories, baby feeding chairs, air conditioner window, counter top, toilet area, kitchen area and equipment, floors, dustbin, shower bases, doors, tap handles, automobile steering/gear, doorknobs, mobile, computers, and any other common indoor and outdoor touch points. It can also replace indoor cool humidifiers, cool aromatherapy machines, foggers, cool liquid diffusers etc.

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