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Al Jurf Industrial 1, Ajman
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Tag: Hand Sanitizer

Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel
12 Jan
Posted by:   Ecoadmin

Use Recommended Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel

ECOLYTE Hand Sanitizer 25ML Gel – (70% Ethyl Alcohol) with Moisturizer – Made with WHO Recommended Formulation Kill 99.999% Harmful Germs. Kill 99.999% of Germs, Viruses and Bacteria from your hand to keep you safe from all kind of infection-causing possibilities whether you’re indoor & outdoor! FOR ALL PURPOSE & PLACES: Whether you’re at home […]

hand sanitizer gel
06 Jul
Posted by:   Ecoadmin

Top 5 Benefits of Ecolyte + Tube Hand Sanitizer Gel!

The Amazing Benefits of ECOLYTE + Tube Hand Sanitizer gel ! ECOLYTE + Tube Hand Sanitizer gel was created to kill 99.99 % of all known germs within a minute while also providing all of the benefits of ordinary hand sanitizer, such as moisturizing and leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. This product is called […]

Monkeypox Prevention
27 May
Posted by:   Ecoadmin

Ecolyte+ Fully Prepared to Deal with Monkeypox Prevention

Today on the blog we share the latest information about the monkeypox virus and discuss how effective ECOLYTE+ products are at killing it. How many monkeypox cases are in the UAE? In the latest update (Tue 24 May), The UAE has reported its first case of viral zoonotic disease monkeypox. The Ministry of Health and Prevention said […]

disinfectant Nano Spray Gun
03 Feb
Posted by:   Rilwan

What Solution Do You Use for a Disinfectant Nano Spray Gun

Why We Recommend ECOLYTE Nano spray gun + MULTI SURFACE DISINFECTANT? With the recent surge of contaminations, Its becomes mandatory for everyone to disinfect houses, premises and surroundings area in order to tackle viruses, bacteria, and mold etc. Thanks to the technology, we today have many devices like foggers, Nano spray gun, humidifiers & more […]

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