When it comes to our food, it can be difficult if not impossible to ensure that it’s totally clean before eating. Apples, citrus fruits, and most vegetables get fondled by countless shoppers and visitors at most grocery stores. That’s why Ecolyte Fruits And Vegetables Disinfectant is such a help! This cleaner is totally natural and free of harsh chemicals, which means you can spray it directly on your food to destroy 99.95% of harmful germs.
One spritz of Ecolyte Fruits And Vegetables Disinfectant will erase any danger of those wayward hands having left bacteria or contagions behind. Also, it’s not just useful for your food, either, but also great for your fridge. It’s scientifically proven that Bacteria grows in fridge drawers super easily, and even a single rotten potato can leave
your fridge smelling rank for days. Cleaning it out with Ecolyte Fruits And Vegetables Disinfectant will leave it smelling fresh for days!
This disinfectant cleaner has been clinically tested and approved! It’s nonalcoholic, nontoxic, and hypoallergenic. There are no pesticides or harmful chemicals in the cleaner. Instead, it’s an all-natural way to disinfect the most important parts of your kitchen. Because there are no artificial flavors or colors added, it’s completely kid-safe, pet safe, and leaves behind no residue.
Even the bottle that it comes in is made from recycled material!
We all have grimy spots in our kitchen. Use the Ecolyte Fruits And Vegetable Disinfectant to make your kitchen, and your fresh fruits and vegetables, sparkling clean and totally germ-free!