Ecolyte+ Antiseptic Disinfectant

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Antiseptic Functionality: Antiseptic antibacterial disinfectant liquid is designed to serve as a powerful solution for killing or inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria on surfaces, objects, or even skin. Effective Against Bacteria: This liquid is highly effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, including both Gram-positive and Gram-negative types.

Antibacterial Properties: In addition to its antiseptic qualities, it contains antibacterial agents that specifically target and neutralize bacteria, reducing the risk of infections. Versatile Application: It can be used for various purposes, such as disinfecting surfaces, sanitizing objects, or as a topical antiseptic for minor cuts, wounds, and skin abrasions.

Liquid Form: It is available in liquid form, which is easy to pour or spray onto surfaces and objects for thorough disinfection. Mode of Action: It works by disrupting the cellular structures and metabolic processes of bacteria, leading to their deactivation and destruction.

Recommended Contact Time: Users should follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the recommended contact time to ensure optimal disinfection results. Hygiene Maintenance: Antiseptic antibacterial disinfectant liquid is a valuable tool for maintaining hygiene standards in healthcare settings, households, and public spaces.

Storage and Safety: Proper storage is essential to maintain its potency. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and keep it out of reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion. Allergies and Sensitivities: Individuals with known allergies or sensitivities to specific ingredients should exercise caution when using this product. Seek alternative options if necessary.

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