Ecolyte+ Hand Soap

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Hand wash to completely protect against any condition the infected person cleans.


Premium Liquid Hand Soap: Our advanced formula handwash effectively kills and removes all impurities on your hands, providing a fresh start to your day.

Fragrance: Not only does our hand soap liquid cleanse your hands, but it also leaves behind an enticing fragrance that will uplift your senses.

Protection: Ecolyte Skincare Handwash liquid offers superior protection from illness-causing germs, ensuring your hands stay safe and healthy.

Care: Pamper your hands with our enriched liquid handwash, infused with Glycerin and Moisturizers that keep your skin soft and supple, all while wrapping you in a sensual scent of exotic fragrance.

Convenience: Our handwash liquid comes in a convenient and affordable pack, making it the perfect choice for places that require frequent handwashing, such as clinics, offices, and commercial spaces.

Versatile Use: Our liquid soap can also be used as a soap, making it a versatile addition to your personal care routine.

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Citrus Festival Fragrance, Desert Musk Fragrance, Exotic Papaya Fragrance, Garden Lillies Fragrance, Intense Oud Fragrance, Luxury Rose Fragrance, Ocean Breeze Fragrance, Raspberry Bubblegum Fragrance, Spring Blossom Fragrance

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