Ecolyte+ Oven Cleaners

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Effortlessly removing grease and grime


Ecolyte Oven cleaner – A specialized product designed to effectively clean oven and remove grime, grease, and baked-on residue from ovens.

Oven Cleaner removes grease, stains, and bacteria from your microwave. Its streak-free formula also cleans the outer surface for a spotless look. Ceramic pan cleaner

Silver cleaner: Can also be used as an effective cleaner for silverware and silver cooking accessories, restoring their shine and luster.

Degreaser spray: Offers a powerful solution for removing grease and stubborn stains, making it an ideal choice for oven cleaning and other greasy surfaces.

Direction: Apply Ecolyte Premium Oven Cleaner to surface. Wait 10-15 min for foam to penetrate soil. Scrub with cloth or sponge, wipe clean with towel. Formulated to effectively clean electric stoves, removing grease, food spills, and stains for a sparkling and hygienic surface.

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