Vegetables and fruits are an essential part of a healthy diet, however, they may be contaminated with bacteria, fungi and harmful chemicals. To protect yourself and your family, you can use vegetable and fruit disinfectants.

What are vegetable and fruit disinfectants?

Vegetable and fruit disinfectants are substances used to kill germs, bacteria and fungi that may be present on the surface of vegetables and fruits.

How do vegetable and fruit disinfectants work?

Vegetable and fruit disinfectants usually contain antimicrobial substances such as chlorine and bromate. When used correctly, these kill harmful substances on the surface of vegetables and fruits without affecting their nutritional quality.

How to use vegetable and fruit disinfectants?

1. Washing vegetables and fruits with running water: Before using Ecolyte + vegetable and fruit disinfectant, they must be washed well with running water to remove dust and impurities.

2. Use Ecolyte spray correctly: Follow the instructions for use on the fruit and vegetable disinfectant package. The disinfectant should usually be mixed with water and vegetables and fruits cleaned in it for a few minutes.


3. Rinse well: After cleaning vegetables and fruits in the sanitizer, they should be rinsed well with clean water to remove any remaining sanitizer.